Integrated Commissioning Certification

To the Owner

IC2 has the owner’s best interest in mind, offering third-party quality control of a project ensuring their building is delivered according to the owner’s requirements and is operating at minimum operating cost. When commissioning is combined with TAB, IC2 offers reduced-cost building verification, and ensures the building is operating at peak performance according to engineer’s and architect’s design.

To the Consultant(s)

IC2 relies on its experience with total building operation to offer verification of a consultant’s design prior to construction, and offer alternatives when design issues occur during the construction phase. Data acquired by IC2 during the commissioning and TAB processes can be used to ensure the same issues do not arise in future designs.

To the Construction Contractor

Services provided by IC2 are beneficial to the construction contractor in that deficiencies and design issues are identified and corrected during the construction phase of the project, allowing for easier implementation of changes or fixes, prior to the completion of the project. This results in fewer call backs for the contractor after project turnover.